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How to solve the Webstorm tpyo problem

| May 5, 2013 | 0 Comments
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WebStorm is the best javascript IDE. When use webstorm, With the Typo inspection enabled, WebStorm detects and highlights words not included in dictionaries and user’s words list. It up to the user to provide correct spelling, accept word as is, or disable inspection.
If a word is accepted, it will be added to the user’s words list, and skipped by the spellchecker in future. If inspection is disabled, all typos will be ignored.In the textual strings and comments, spelling of a word at caret can be changed to a correct one. In the contexts that enable Renamerefactoring, the inspection suggests to rename all occurrences of a symbol. In this section you will learn how to perform spellchecking, and configure spellchecker behavior.
spellcheck a word
1. Place the caret on a word highlighted by the Typo inspection.
2. Press Alt+Enter to show the available intention actions.
3. Choose one of the following actions:
Change to or Save to dictionary.
configure spellchecking
Open the Project Settings dialog box and click Spelling.Make up a user’s words list. To do that, click the Accepted Words tab, and use (Command N; Command Enter) and (Command Delete) to manage the list of words to be skipped by the Typo inspection.

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