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python ide provides code autocomplete

| June 18, 2013 | 0 Comments
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If you are  looking for a good python IDE or python Editor that can show me autocomplete/introspection. I will give your opinions on the best code completion in Python IDEs.


The information shown in Wing’s auto-completer comes from several sources: (1) Static analysis of Python code, (2) introspection of extension module contents, (3) inspection of keywords and builtins in the active Python version, (4) introspection of the runtime application state when the debugger is active or when working in the shells, (5) enumeration of relevant code snippets, and in some cases (6) user-provided interface description files. See Source Code Analysis for more information on how static analysis works and how you can help Wing determine the types of values.

Because static analysis can be defeated by Python’s dynamic nature, it is sometimes more effective to work from live runtime state. This can be done by placing a breakpoint in the source code, running to it, and then working in the editor or (in Wing IDE Pro) in the Debug Probe.

In non-Python files, the auto-completer is limited to words found within similar contexts in the file, keywords defined for syntax highlighting that file type, and any snippets relevant to the editing context.

2.PyDev plugin for Eclipse

Code completion provides context-sensitive completions and is enabled with Ctrl+Space. (Note that eclipse has simple emacs-style text-completion with Alt+/).

It’s important to note that your interpreter must be properly configured for the code-completion to work, and for getting the builtins, PyDev spawns a shell, so, having a firewall can prevent the code-completion from working if it’s blocking the communication from eclipse to that shell.

3.Komodo Edit

Autocomplete and CallTips



Also if you set up your interpreter and site-packages paths correctly in the project settings, you can easily jump into the definition of a Python’s library module py files, which is very helpful at times. Plus the completion helper reads functions docstrings.


There’s a VIM plugin here:

It works just much better than anything else for Python in VIM. It has even support for renaming/goto/etc. The best part is probably that it really tries to understand your code (decorators, generators, etc. -> just look at the feature list).


I’d recommend you to try emacs-jedi. The author is really trying to bring the best Python autocompletion experience to Emacs. (It uses the Jedi autocompletion library).

best python ide autocomplete

best python ide autocomplete

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