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Python IDE – ulipad

| January 17, 2013 | 0 Comments
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Ulipad is python IDE based on wxPython. You can download ulipad at

What is UliPad
Ulipad is a wxPython powered, programmer oriented and flexible editor. It has many features such as class browser, code auto-complete, html viewer, directory browser, wizard and many others. The most interesting and distinctive feature is the use of mixin technique which makes Ulipad an easy-to-extend programming environment. You can write your own mixins, plugins or simple scripts, and all of them can be integrated in Ulipad in a seamless way.

As we are on the way to make NewEdit THE programmer editor I think, that
a new unique name will help here much (NewEdit is just cheap...).

I suggest to use 'UliPad'.

It has the shortcut of UnLImited.
It tells it is a plain text editor (Pad).
It tells something about the original author (LImodou).

But the most important advantage is:
Google has no entry for 'UliPad' yet!



    • Cross platform
      • based on wxPython, so it can run anywhere that wxPython works, such as: Windows, Linux.
      • Unicode support.
    • Most features of wxStyledTextCtrl(Scintilla)
      • Syntax highlighting, support Python, c/c++, html, plain text
      • Folding
      • Brace Matching
    • Extended selection
      • Extended word selection — You can press Ctrl+MouseDoubleClick to select a word including ‘.’
      • Matched selection — Select text in quoted chars like: (), , {}, ''"".

For example: a string just like

        def func(self, 'This is a test'):

The ‘^’ char represents caret position in above line. If you press Ctrl+E, you will select the whole text in (), i.e. “self, ‘This is a test'”. Something more in Selection Menu.

  • Other editing extension
    • Duplicating text — Just like Vim Ctrl+V, Ctrl+P, and more. You can duplicate above or below char, word, line which match the leading chars.
    • Quoting text — Add some quoted chars before and after selected text, just as: ""'', (), , {}, and customized string, etc.
    • Text convertion and view — python -> html, reStructured Text -> html, textile -> html, and you can output or view the html text in message window, or html view window, or replace the selected text.
    • Utf-8 encoding auto detect
    • Changing document encoding
    • Auto backup
    • Last session support — It’ll save all the filenames as closed, and reopen the files as next started.
    • Smart judge the indent char — It’ll auto guess the indent char, and sets it.
    • Finding in files
    • Bookmark supports
  • Python support
    • built-in python interactive window based on PyShell, support Unicode
    • Auto completion
    • Function syntax calltips
    • Run, run with argument, stop python source
    • Auto change current path
    • Python class browser
    • Syntax and PEP8 style checking,also supply a pylint plugin.
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My name is John Link.I am 26 years old. My major is Computer science and technology. I am a junior programmer with Python.

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